Critter from the Black Lagoon is available on Kindle!

It’s been a long time coming, but here it is. Next up, getting it onto CreateSpace for folks who want to buy a paper version. I signed up with Kindle Select for some additional promo, which means I can’t make it available in other formats for 90 days. If you have Amazon Prime, you can borrow this sucker for free. Clicking on the cover will take you straight to the sale page. They don’t have the search inside the book feature turned on yet, so if you want to sample it first, go here.


2 thoughts on “Critter from the Black Lagoon is available on Kindle!

  1. I just discovered your books at my local library. I am really enjoying your writing. Is your third book available in a paper version? I would very much like to purchase a copy. Unfortunately I don’t read ebooks. Also, are you still writing? I would very much love to read more of your books.

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