My buttery spread is peevish.

I opened up a new container of fake butter, and there was this.

I think extrusion augery could be a thing. Send a photos of your semi-solid foodstuff surfaces and I can tell you if it’s not butter. Or something.

In other news, I had an upswing in energy and took advantage of it to work on my office/crafts/music room.

I accumulated these pieces of furniture over decades. Other than the desk and chair, none of them have been in the same room together before. The globe was a present from Joe’s work after being there for X amount of years.

I inherited the green walls from the previous owners. You can see where I tried out a section of Vintage Taupe, but today I ordered a gallon of Billowy Clouds, which is peach-tinted white that sometimes looks pink -tinted, depending on the light. It’s not green, is the point.

I bought the desk for a couple of hundred bucks at a used furniture store. Someone churned out a ton of these little drop-front secretaries. I run across them all the time, most often painted an unfortunate shade of hipster bleah.

I ran across a box of little animals I’ve accumulated (Hey, it happens.) and set them up in a little tableaux.

In closing, I’ll leave you with this.

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