International Bacon Museum

Got something that should be included? Leave it in the comments.

And now, a word from this health dude, who says Bacon is Okay.

J&D Foods (Inventors of Bacon Salt!)

Spam with Bacon

Bacon Perfume

Bacon Condoms

Bacon Socks

Bacon nail wraps

Mr. Bacon’s Big Adventure board game

Accoutrements fine selection of bacon-themed products

ThinkGeek‘s fine selection of bacon-themed merchandise.

Bacon collectibles on eBay

25 Things that Caused the World Bacon Shortage

Bacon tattoos, from Skulls & Bacon.

A multitude of bacon-patterned scarves on Etsy (What, you’re surprised?)

Baconcyclopedia (BaconFreak’s blog)

Lords of Bacon

Skulls & Bacon

Mr. Bacon Pants

Bacon Live, an interactive podcast about bacon. And beer. From the Mr. Bacon Pants guys.

 Republic of Bacon

Bacon Festivals

Bacon Ipsum: Fill blank space with meat-related words. (Thanks to for that.)

The Better Than Bacon Band

Royal Bacon Society. Excellent bacon blog.

The Holy Church of Bacon

The Gospel According to Bacon

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