Critter from the Black Lagoon – Description

Critter from the Black Lagoon

Tripping magazine visits central Florida when Angus hears of a possible Hogzilla in the Ocala National Forest. Porky Johnson, proprietor of the International Bacon Museum, claims his leg was broken by a living Daeodon, a Miocene-era animal that resembled a boar the size of a rhino. Could this monstrous creature survive millennia, or is it a publicity stunt for Porky’s museum? A mysterious stranger puts Tripping in touch with celebrity paleontologist Jack Hannigan, who is working a nearby dig with his lovely wife and even lovelier grad student. When a Daeodon tusk and a corpse turn up at the dig site, more than the media takes an interest. Alligators and shady Russians threaten Tripping’s reporters as they hunt for the truth, or at least a good story.

About Tripping magazine:

Tripping is a low-budget travel magazine that covers destinations of supposedly paranormal interest, although every phenomenon so far has been criminal rather than cryptic. Editor in chief Angus MacGregor, a transplanted Scot, has been fascinated with the supernatural since a childhood visit to Loch Ness. Head writer and aspiring novelist Michael Abernathy is a skeptic who tries to keep Angus honest. Suki Oota joined Tripping as photographer after National Geographic fired her for getting too friendly with the natives. She is rarely without her Chihuahua, Gigi. Tripping is based in Boulder, Colorado (Motto: “Between the mountains and reality.”).

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