Critter from the Black Lagoon

Something is lurking in the swampy woods of central Florida. Could it be Daeodon, a monstrous, piglike creature left over from the Miocene era, or have Florida’s feral hogs grown large enough to turn over Jeeps? The staff of Tripping Magazine (Your Guide to Unusual Destinations) wants to know.

Editor Angus MacGregor, writer Michael Abernathy, and photographer Suki Oota travel to Ocala to interview Porky Johnson, proprietor of the International Bacon Museum. Porky was hunting what he hoped would be the biggest pork belly ever when a “giant pig critter” attacked and broke his leg. Michael suspects Porky is drumming up business for his museum until noted paleontologist Jack Hannigan uncovers a Daeodon tusk, and a trampled and gored body shows up at his dig site. Angus’s drive to get the story increases with the appearance of Clint Mitty, a rival reporter from Supernatural Digest.

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4 thoughts on “Critter from the Black Lagoon

  1. Any update on the release date for “Critter”? I immensely enjoyed the first two (Baskervilles and Portrait) and an looking forward to the next book!

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