Reading Group Questions

The Portrait of Doreene Gray

Warning: If you read these questions before you read the book, many, many plot points will be spoiled for you.

1)      How do you feel about older women dating much younger men? What if the couple is truly in love?

2)      Do you think there is genuine affection between Charlotte and Reynaldo?

3)      Do you think Hank was wrong to stay away so long? Should he have come back and dealt with Doreene?

4)      How do you feel about Maureene’s choice to claim Lyndsay as her own? Do you think it is best for a child to stay with blood relatives?

5)      Should anyone associated with Doreene’s death stand trial? Who do you think is primarily to blame?

6)      Is it wrong for an author to point out ways that security is lax and crimes can be committed? For instance, that items can be smuggled out of a port?

7)      How do you feel about people putting strictly decorative clothes on dogs (i.e., not for warmth)? (An article on the subject can be found here: )

8)      Doreene may have been terminally ill. Does that make her death less of a tragedy? How about her actions – does that make it less of a tragedy?

9)      Who do you think suffered the most from Doreene’s actions? Maureene, Hank, or Lyndsay?

10)   Michael and Angus had several altercations in this story. Do you think Michael is a good employee? Is Angus a good boss?