.99 Two-Day Sale: Jokers & Fools

Two publishing contracts ago, this book, originally titled Telling Lies, won the Mainstream category of the Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers contest. Jennifer Unter, my agent, took me on as a result of it. Publishers read it and loved it, but didn’t know how to sell it unless they labeled it Chick Lit, which was considered dead at the time. So we got a lot of rejection letters like this one,

Dear Jennifer:

TELLING LIES was utterly clever and fun and often startling truthful. And you’ve really got a wild ride of a writer on your hands.  But I think this is just a bit too far on the other side of chick lit for me—the voice wasn’t exactly hitting my chords and I think the tone, overall, falls outside of Harcourt’s best range.

Thanks, though, for the read—which was completely unforgettable.

and this one,

Dear Jennifer:

Thanks so much for sending me TELLING LIES. I had great fun reading it.

This is a really charming novel and I think Esri is a promising talent. I especially enjoyed Julio because my neighborhood is full of Chihuahuas with attitude, so he made me laugh. I’m afraid my gut sense was that this isn’t a big commercial hardcover, so it’s not right for me. If I were still buying paperback, it might be a different scenario. I do think that you’ll find a publisher for this, though, and I wish you the best of luck with it. It was by far the most entertaining novel I’ve read all week!

Finally Kensington/Zebra asked if I had any other books for sale. I did, and we left this book behind. And that’s why, six years later, I can offer you what is possibly the best book I’ve ever written – for a buck. At least, for two days it’ll be a buck. After that, it’ll be three bucks.

I believe that with the vast audience of the internet, books can be sold inexpensively. That’s why I’ve turned down a second hardback contract with St. Martin’s and plan on self-publishing my books in ebook and print-on-demand from now on. Here’s your chance to validate that decision. Buy it. Read it. If you like it, review it and recommend it.

I’m working on making Jokers & Fools available on Smashwords and also in print form, through CreateSpace. For now, it’s on Kindle, but you don’t actually need a Kindle to read it. There are free Kindle apps you can download to your PC, Mac, phone or whathaveyou. Here’s a link for those.

Chihuahua News Round-Up

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Humane society files charges against chihuahuas‘ owner

URBAN PUP CLOTHING IS THE FASHION CHOICE OF STARS (Note that this is a press release. I believe that anyone can submit a press release to this site, although this site appears to be aimed at Brits.)

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(The Chihuahua woke them up)

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Chihuahua News Round-Up

Video: Chihuahuas Strut Their Stuff on Delores Park Runway, SF, CA

Video: Two Chihuahuas show up on Albuquerque, NM’s “most dangerous dog” list. (Tip to owner: Instead of chuckling when your Chi growls inappropriately, scold it.)

New Santa Cruz, CA dog designer helps support SPCA.

American Reporter and Husband Return Missing Chi to Owner after Six Years

South Carolina man looking for Chis who were mistakenly rescued.

Upcoming events:

Chattanooga, Tennessee bluegrass festival and Running of the Chihuahuas.

SPCA’s The Whole Enchihuahua, San Francisco, California

Chihuahua Palooza starts at East Bay, CA area shelters. Video interview of topic.

Chihuahua race as part of Cinco de Mayo celebration, Phoenix, AZ

Cinco de Mayo Chihuahua race in Craig, CO (check sidebar for details)

Chihuahua News Round-up

New oxygen masks especially for dogs helps save pets after house fires.

Longmont, CO celebrates Cinco de Mayo with a Chihuahua beauty contest (among other things). I’m providing a gift basket.

San Francisco SPCA Kicks Off Month-Long Chihuahua Celebration with “The Whole Enchihuahua” on May 1 in Dolores Park

20-year study finds that Chihuahuas (and toy breeds in general) are more prone to cardiovascular disease. Keep those Chis trim!

Shreveport, LA is having a free showing of Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2, preceded by a pet parade, May 6.

Keep your Chi close if you live in Deming, NM. Someone is stealing them.