Chihuahua News Round-Up

Dogs of Mexico: Chihuahua and Xoloitzcuintli

Humane society files charges against chihuahuas‘ owner

URBAN PUP CLOTHING IS THE FASHION CHOICE OF STARS (Note that this is a press release. I believe that anyone can submit a press release to this site, although this site appears to be aimed at Brits.)

Even Pets Suffer Recession as Health Declines

The Wise Articles » Basic Chihuahua Training Tips and hints

The Whole Enchihuahua (still offering free spays and neuters through the end of May)

Family’s Future Uncertain After Fire
(The Chihuahua woke them up)

VIDEO: Running of the Chihuahuas in Chattanooga

Small Dogs Packing Silicon Valley Shelters; Adoption Urged « CBS 

Adoption Fees Waived at Northern CA Shelter, During Month of May

LA councilman Koretz proposes regulation of commercially bred pets

Two Adopted Chihuahuas Doing Well (heartwarming)

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