Chihuahua News Round-Up

Video: Chihuahuas Strut Their Stuff on Delores Park Runway, SF, CA

Video: Two Chihuahuas show up on Albuquerque, NM’s “most dangerous dog” list. (Tip to owner: Instead of chuckling when your Chi growls inappropriately, scold it.)

New Santa Cruz, CA dog designer helps support SPCA.

American Reporter and Husband Return Missing Chi to Owner after Six Years

South Carolina man looking for Chis who were mistakenly rescued.

Upcoming events:

Chattanooga, Tennessee bluegrass festival and Running of the Chihuahuas.

SPCA’s The Whole Enchihuahua, San Francisco, California

Chihuahua Palooza starts at East Bay, CA area shelters. Video interview of topic.

Chihuahua race as part of Cinco de Mayo celebration, Phoenix, AZ

Cinco de Mayo Chihuahua race in Craig, CO (check sidebar for details)

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