Will Aspartame kill your dog – and other misinformation.

I’m all for “better safe than sorry,” but in our eagerness to spread information about possibly harmful substances, we often badmouth stuff that doesn’t deserve it. It’s not that I want to give my puppy sugar-free gum (4 out of 5 dentists recommend it, not), I just don’t want to give valuable mental real estate to false facts. Click below for AskAVetAQuestion’s handy-dandy lists of foods that’ll kill yer dog, won’t hurt it at all, or will just make it puke a little.

About Esri Allbritten

Esri Allbritten lives in Boulder, Colorado with her husband, Angel Joe, her cat, Musette La Plume, and her Chihuahua puppy, Josie O. In addition to sushi, bowling and marimba, Esri enjoys discovering quirky, real-life towns and wreaking fictional havoc in them. She is the author of Chihuahua of the Baskervilles and The Portrait of Doreene Gray (Tripping Magazine mystery series), Jokers & Fools, and (as Esri Rose) Bound to Love Her and Stolen Magic.

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  1. aspartame can be dangerous to ones health specially if you have sensitive to it. it is still better to use natural alternatives like stevia. ‘

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