“I am not a chipmunk.”

I was upstairs at the computer when I heard Josie O whining downstairs. I ignored her, as usual, but it kept up for longer than usual, so I decided to make sure nothing was wrong. She was standing at the bottom of the stairs with her head stuck in her chipmunk stump toy.

I know I should have taken a picture, but I felt too bad for her. Her ear was sticking out one of the holes and everything. It was really pathetic.

5 thoughts on ““I am not a chipmunk.”

  1. If the photo is online, put the link up here (right click on it and then left click on “copy image url” or “copy image location,” then hit Ctrl V to paste it in the comment. One Chi stuck in a stump is much like another.

  2. hahaha Draco has that same toy…he is way to big to get stuck in it though. Bet it was hilarious!

  3. Oh my…she is so tiny and adorable. Bailey has the same toy & loves it but there is no way she would get her head stuck in the hole!

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