Tips for Skype Interviews

Thanks to an email from HARO (Help a Reporter Out), I’m going to be doing a Skype interview for the new website, How handy that the founder’s blog linked to this great article on improving the lighting for your webcam interview.

And as a bonus, here’s Lauren, the interviewer of WriterViews herself, talking about what she’s learned as an interviewer. It’ll help you, too.

3 thoughts on “Tips for Skype Interviews

  1. Hi Esri
    I have just done a job interview via Skype so I think I know how it works more or less. I live outside the US and time difference is always a factor but if possible would love to do a Skype interview for one of my books (or more than one.) Thanks


    1. There might be some confusion, Elle. I’m an author who is being interviewed by Lauren. But if you click on her picture, it will bring up a link to her blog, and you can use the contact field to pitch yourself as an interview subject. Good hustle!

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