Coming down the home stretch. (I hope.)

Yesterday I stopped revisions of Portrait of Doreene Gray at page 263. I’m hoping to hammer out the rest today (up to page 345). Then tomorrow I’ll add some more Chihuahua appearances, cause I was so caught up in the plot that I kept forgetting. Gigi (Doreene’s poor, ignored Chi) is gold, bless her. While my human characters tend to be chilly intellectuals, distanced party girls and opportunistic manipulators, all of whom are only out for a laugh, I have no problem pouring emotional content into my books’ dogs. Yesterday I gave Gigi a very emotional moment, and I thought, “Shall I have her lift a paw?” She lifted the paw. (sniff) I get teary just thinking about it.

Fingers crossed that I get this revision done on Friday, so my parents, husband, and agent can all read it. My editor doesn’t have time yet. I might be able to do another pass before she gets to it.

Giant Pigs and Bed Races

Today’s interview/review is at Chiseled in Rock, a blog that’s associated with the Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers. I belong to that group periodically, usually when I can attend their excellent Colorado Gold conference (I have a wedding and to attend and can’t go this year). I got my agent, Jennifer Unter, by winning Colorado Gold’s mainstream fiction category way back in…I’d have to look it up. Let’s say 2007. That sounds about right. Anyway, they’re a great group.

E.C. Stacey is a delightful interviewer, and I gave full rein to my comedic impulses in answering. There is some serious(ish) stuff there, too.

Oh, and in case you’ve lost track of the what blog I’m appearing at today, it’s here.

Editing ‘Portrait of Doreene Gray.’

I’m on page 92 of 346 in my first real pass through the first draft of P of DG. It’s been so long since I wrote this part, it’s almost like reading someone else’s work (which is what you want).

Favorite line today, from Michael: “Why would skeletons scatter gastropods across the carpet?”

Now forget you ever heard that.

Yakking away on other people’s sites.

Don’t the Cozy Chicks have a wonderful blog header? I’m over there today, talking about how there has never been a better time to be a writer. Seriously, there hasn’t.

And if you’re in the mood for an article on the craft of writing, canter on over to Bridle Path Press, where I talk about Plot Holes on the Writing Road. How to spot ’em, how to fix ’em with the least amount of hacking to your manuscript.

And now, if you’ll excuse me, it’s time to go turn the hose on the birds in our cherry tree. I can hear them squawking away, only slightly muffled by beaks full of fruit.

Win a free copy of Chihuahua of the Baskervilles

Lesa of Lesa’s Book Critiques sent me some great questions after reviewing Chihuahua of the Baskervilles, and today she posted our conversation on her site. She’ll pick one commenter to receive a hardback copy, signed by the author (that would be me). Remember, that’s commenters on her site, not mine. Here’s a bit of the interview.

We have two sweet-cherry trees, and when they’re full of ripe fruit, I like to go outside, turn the hose on high, and blast the robins that are busily taking one peck from each cherry. “Get out of here, you red-breasted bastards!” I yell. This both enhances the experience and keeps the neighbors from interrupting my workday with needless social calls.

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