Coming down the home stretch. (I hope.)

Yesterday I stopped revisions of Portrait of Doreene Gray at page 263. I’m hoping to hammer out the rest today (up to page 345). Then tomorrow I’ll add some more Chihuahua appearances, cause I was so caught up in the plot that I kept forgetting. Gigi (Doreene’s poor, ignored Chi) is gold, bless her. While my human characters tend to be chilly intellectuals, distanced party girls and opportunistic manipulators, all of whom are only out for a laugh, I have no problem pouring emotional content into my books’ dogs. Yesterday I gave Gigi a very emotional moment, and I thought, “Shall I have her lift a paw?” She lifted the paw. (sniff) I get teary just thinking about it.

Fingers crossed that I get this revision done on Friday, so my parents, husband, and agent can all read it. My editor doesn’t have time yet. I might be able to do another pass before she gets to it.

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