Grown Up Love Song

I wrote this song earlier this year. This is hosted on

Click here to listen. The lyrics are below.

Grown Up Love Song

He woke up at three o’clock from a dream about snakes and water,
Where ice had fallen out of the sky and covered the face of his daughter.

She woke up at one o’clock and poured another glass of wine.
Looked at her bills and her bank account, and told herself everything would be fine.

They meet in the usual way – photos and words on a glowing screen,
Secrets told to a stranger online, but after you tell them you want to be seen.

And they both had been alone.
Felt broken to the bone.
But they made a date by phone,
And they met.

Hope and need are powerful things, driving us to take chances.
They moved in together that spring, after months of questioning glances.

And they sold one of their beds,
Discovered they both liked red,
Put his weight bench in the shed,
Just for a while.

She wakes up at six o’clock, feeling his hand brush her hip.
He rolls onto his side in the dark and smiles as she smiles against his lips.

Musical Chihuahuas

Finished the lyrics for The Twelve Chis of Christmas, also figured out the guitar chords. Now I gotta get good enough playing it to record a vid and mp3. (So you can have me warbling a highly derivative carol on your phone!)

Also need to finish up and polish ‘Twas the Chihuahua Before Christmas short story and make it available (for FREE!) and then I’ll go back to doing…well, much less fun things, frankly.