Reading Group Questions

Chihuahua of the Baskervilles

Warning: If you read these questions before you read the book, many, many plot points will be spoiled for you.

1)      What are some reasons Michael, who is clearly a skeptic, might take a job at a magazine that covers the paranormal? What about Suki?

2)      How similar is the spiritualist movement of Emma Crawford’s time (late 1800s) to the contemporary fascination with the paranormal? What might be some common causes for that fascination? (Here is an article on historical Spiritualism: )

3)      Do you think Cherí should be blamed for Thomas’s death? Should she stand trial?

4)      Do you think Charlotte is a good guardian for her granddaughter?

5)      If you had a historic restaurant or inn, would you claim to have a ghost, as part of your marketing? Is there any downside to it?

6)      Would you employ Ivan, after learning about his past?

7)      How much responsibility do you think Ellen can take for the success of Petey’s Closet? Do you think Charlotte took advantage of her?

8)      Does Petey’s ghost constitute enough of a mystery at the beginning of the book, or do you prefer mysteries to begin with a murder?

9)      To whom and in what order do you think a magazine has responsibility? Owners, readers, or advertisers? What magazines do you think do a good job of balancing those interests? How would you change Tripping?

10)   If you were Charlotte, how would you feel after the séance Ivan holds – relieved, safer, or more suspicious?