Ada Nieves on David Letterman!

Ada Nieves  just sent me an email that she’s going to appear on David Letterman’s show tonight, and I am so excited for her, I CAN HARDLY STAND IT! Ada is a wonderful woman in the Chihuahua community (yes, there is a Chihuahua community).  She designs small-dog fashion, just like the gal in my first mystery book (only she’s much younger, more attractive, and Puerto Rican).

Update: She was showing her little clothes for rats! But they still showed photos of her Oscar dresses for dogs, which are fantastic.

Crime-Fiction Blogs

Here are three crime-fiction blogs I found through Twitter. You find one that you like, and then follow the “similar to” links.

Do Some Damage

In Reference to Murder

Mystery Scene (magazine) blog

Oh, and my Mystery Books Digest is out, if you didn’t see that elsewhere. It’s a once a week thing. You can subscribe, and everything  (Zero Effect reference).

And if anyone is wondering why I disappeared for about three weeks, it’s because I was on a chorus trip to Costa Rica, and now I’m racing to my deadline. Wrote 23 pages yesterday. Boo-yah.