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Chihuahua of the Baskervilles is the first in my new mystery series, which features the staff of Tripping, a low-budget travel magazine that covers destinations of paranormal interest.

In Chihuahua of the Baskervilles, Tripping hears about a ghostly Chihuahua seen by Charlotte Baskerville. Charlotte is the rich founder of Petey’s Closet, a clothing catalog for small dogs. Editor Angus MacGregor, photographer Suki Oota, and writer Michael Abernathy travel to Manitou Springs, where the ghost howls advice and spells out threats in tiny paw prints. Is the glowing apparition really Petey’s ghost, or is someone in Charlotte’s household trying to teach a dead dog new tricks – like murder? It’s up to Tripping Magazine to save Charlotte Baskerville, preferably without losing their story.
(Read Chapter 1. Read reviews.)

Each book is set in an actual, tourist-oriented town, and I try to feature fun events that you can attend. For example, the first book takes place in Manitou Springs, Colorado, during the Emma Crawford Memorial Coffin Race.

Portrait of Doreene Gray is the second book, set in Port Townsend, Washington, during the Wooden Boat Festival. Look for it in July of 2012. You can read a description and the first two chapters here.

About Esri Allbritten

Esri Allbritten lives in Boulder, Colorado with her husband, Angel Joe, her cat, Musette La Plume, and her Chihuahua puppy, Josie O. In addition to sushi, bowling and marimba, Esri enjoys discovering quirky, real-life towns and wreaking fictional havoc in them. She is the author of Chihuahua of the Baskervilles and The Portrait of Doreene Gray (Tripping Magazine mystery series), Jokers & Fools, and (as Esri Rose) Bound to Love Her and Stolen Magic.

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  1. Sounds good. Am curious about the Baskervilles setting. The newer mysteries (my last book was a legal thriller, slightly different) seem to, nonetheless, generally follow the con artist’s line: If you hook, line, and sinker, accept the spiel as sincere, you most likely also believe in Santa Claus, the the tooth fairy, the Flat Earth Society, and truthful politicians.

  2. I forgot to mention, in a previous post, that I found a certain “Scooby Doo” quality to your book, which I enjoyed, and was pleasantly surprised to learn you did indeed like that television show.

  3. “I just finished reading “Chihuahua of the Baskervilles” and found it quite entertaining. I did wonder about the incident on page 157 where they found Charlotte in the coffin and she was described as being pink and Suki says it was from carbon dioxide poisoning. In fact she would have been dusky blue from this and she would have been pink from carbon monoxide which would be hard to come by in a coffin.

  4. As a librarian whose collection includes your books, I would appreciate being in the know as to when the next Chihuahua novel will be available….Patron are loudly requests the next installment!!?

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